Microfiber Pollution is an Environmental Justice Issue

Multicolored clothing visible through the clear front of a white laundry machine.
Mixed clothing in a laundry machine. Photo by Engin Akyurt.
Silhouette of a pump-jack mining crude oil with a bright orange sunset in the background.
A pump-jack mining crude oil at sunset. Photo by Zybnek Burival.
Black and white picture of billowing smoke from petrochemical plants.
Billowing smoke from a petrochemical plant. Photo by Mike Marrah.
Fish in the Sargasso Sea swimming through marine plastics.
Fish swimming through marine plastics. Photo by Naja Bertolt Jensen.



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Audrey Cho

Audrey Cho

Audrey is an intersectional environmentalist, rising sophomore at Smith College, and fellow at Conservation X Labs. Find her on twitter @AudreyCCho